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Timetables flights, trains, trains and buses Moscow → Protvino

To order tickets for the train Moscow - Protvino or buy a plane ticket please check the full schedule of flights. There are travel options with a change in Серпухов and Калуга. Of Moscow Serpukhov daily runs 60 trains. Bus schedule of Moscow Serpukhov is currently the system does not. The average price of the train ticket Moscow - Serpukhov is at least 310 roubles. The average duration of a trip by train of Moscow Serpukhov of 1 h 44 min. Distance Серпухов - Протвино of 14 km. Use local buses. The distance Moscow - Protvino in a straight line is about 103 km. To see the routes of buses and trains Moscow - Protvino on the map and see the road map, press the "show map". To buy a ticket, select a flight and click the "Buy" button.

Route Departure
from Moscow
in Protvino
Time in way Ticket price
The fastest route
local train
~00:04 trm. Belorusskiy Vokzal
00:56 st. Serpukhov, Serpukhov
17 km near Protvino
in way ~50 min
~50 min
~ 5.03 USD
far distance train
06:55 trm. Kurskiy Vokzal
08:11 st. Serpukhov, Serpukhov
17 km near Protvino
in way 1 h 16 min
1 h 16 min
~ 12.97 USD
20:05 a/p Vnukovo
Terminal A
16:25, (+1 day) Serpukhov
14 km near Protvino
in way 20 h 20 min
20 h 20 min
include transfer 17 h
Departure Arrival passage Ticket price Info
a/p Vnukovo
a/p Kaluga
in way 45 min
plane UT136 Vnukovo - Kaluga
plane, ATR 72, ЮТэйр
Transfer a/p Kaluga → bus.term. Kaluga show on Google maps
Distance 5 km. Use city transport Time for transfer - 17 h
bus.term. Kaluga, Kaluga
13:50, (+1 day)
16:25, (+1 day)
in way 2 h 35 min
bus Kaluga - Serpukhov
bus, ИК-256 43 Места, Серпуховская АК 1790
3.08 USD* everyday till 07.05 except 6 May
Serpukhov Protvino
in way 52 min (19 km)
taxi Serpukhov - Protvino
1 change 1 h 45 min
1 h 45 min
2 h 13 min
2 changes 21 h 13 min
21 h 13 min
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Distance Moscow - Protvino route = 143 km