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To order tickets for the train Haneda - Okinawa or buy a plane ticket please check the full schedule of flights. There are travel options with a change in Кагошима and Йоронйима. Of Tokyo Kagoshima daily runs 33 flight. Bus schedule of Tokyo Kagoshima is currently the system does not. At the direction of Tokyo - Kagoshima airlines flying: SKYNET ASIA AWYS, JAPAN AIRLINES, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS, , SKYMARK AIRLINES and JETSTAR JAPAN. The average duration of the flight - 1 h 40 min. Of Kagoshima station to Yoronjima daily runs 6 flights. Bus schedule of Kagoshima station to Yoronjima is currently the system does not. At the direction of Kagoshima - Yoronjima Airlines flying: Japan Air Commuter. The average duration of the flight - 1 h 20 min. Distance Йоронйима - Окинава of 100 km. Use local buses. The distance Haneda - Okinawa in a straight line is about 1535 km. To see the routes of buses and trains Haneda - Okinawa on the map and see the road map, press the "show map". To buy a ticket, select a flight and click the "Buy" button.

Route Departure
from Haneda
in Okinawa
Time in way Ticket price
12:05 a/p Haneda
17:00 a/p Yoronjima
100 km near Okinawa
in way 4 h 55 min
4 h 55 min
include transfer 1 h 45 min
Departure Arrival passage Ticket price Info
a/p Haneda
a/p Kagoshima
in way 1 h 50 min
plane NH623 Haneda - Kagoshima
plane, Boeing 767, ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS
everyday till 19 Jun
a/p Kagoshima
a/p Yoronjima
in way 1 h 20 min
plane JC3825 Kagoshima - Yoronjima
plane, DHC-8 Dash, Japan Air Commuter
from 15 Jun everyday till 30 Jun
a/p Yoronjima Okinawa
in way 2 h 9 min (99 km)
taxi Yoronjima - Okinawa
via Kagoshima and Yoronjima 7 h 34 min
7 h 34 min
| на карте
| на карте
a/p Yoronjima
| на карте
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Distance Haneda - Okinawa route = 1612 km